For the payment of the products, we cooperate with the Dutch
, a leading company for online payments.

About “secure payment,” Mollie communicates the following:

  • Mollie = Secured at the bank level
    Even though we are not a bank, we take money at least as seriously. Definitely your money. That’s why we impose the highest safety standards on ourselves.
  • Built on trust
    Safety is the norm in everything we do. From data to employee screening. Many customers trust Mollie with their money and sensitive data.
  • Permanent monitoring
    The Dutch Central Bank places high demands on the security, reliability and stability of payment institutions. Of course we comply, 24/7.
  • Industry standards
    We are PCI DSS certified. This indicates the level to which we have established the security of transactions for customers and consumers.
  • Ultimate data protection
    All your data is guaranteed to reside on European servers in extremely secure premises under the supervision of our NOC team.